Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
by Carol McCloud 

Themes: Peace, S.T.A.R., Kindness, CommunityHave_You_Filled_a_Bucket.jpg

Grade: pre-K - 5

Story Synopsis: This charming story teaches that everybody carries an invisible bucket to hold all their good thoughts and good feelings about themselves. Having a full bucket makes you feel good about yourself, while having an empty bucket leaves you with uncomfortable feelings. Through colorful illustrations and examples, readers learn the difference between choosing to fill a bucket – by doing kind things for others – and choosing to dip a bucket – by acting in a mean or hurtful way. In this way, readers learn the importance of kind actions in their community, and the good feelings fostered by bucket filling.

Why We Love This Book: We use this wonderful book as a foundational text for many of our lessons, as well as our production of Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The Play. Bucket filling and S.T.A.R. Power, with their shared focus on kindness and on each person’s power to help themselves and others feel good, go hand in hand. Students love picturing themselves filling their invisible buckets, and enjoy finding ways to fill other people’s buckets, too. The concepts of bucket filling and dipping also give students and staff a shared language with which to address unkind behavior. We love teaching with this book and seeing how excited young children are to become bucket fillers, and how insightful older students are at identifying and addressing bucket filling and dipping.

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