Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen
by Howard Binkow 

Themes: Listening, Communication Howard_B_Wigglebottom_Learns_to_Listen.JPG

Grade: pre-K - 1

Story Synopsis: Howard B. Wigglebottom is a young bunny in a class full of little animals, and Howard doesn't listen. After a day of not listening to his teachers, his friends, and his classmates, Howard feels sad and lonely. He makes a plan to become a better listener. Howard starts to really listen, and enjoys the rewards of being a better listener for the rest of the day at school and at home.

Why We Love This Book: This book's biggest strength is the way it shows the real-life consequences of listening and not listening. We love that the author describes the specific behaviors that show whether Howard is listening or not listening, and that he has the power to change his behavior and become a better listener. Depicting the ways Howard's behavior impacts his community – in school, at home, and with friends – is another great feature of this book. The simple text and the amusing illustrations make this a great choice for pre-school and primary-grade classrooms.

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