It's Okay To Be Different

by Todd Parr

Its_Okay_to_Be_Different.jpgTheme: Diversity

Grade: pre-K – 1

Story Synopsis: Todd Parr uses simple text, paired with colorful, vibrant drawings, to offer numerous examples of ways people can be different, reassuring the reader each time that “it’s okay to be different.” Examples of differences range from appearances to family structures to emotional responses, along with zany offerings such as “It’s okay to help a squirrel collect nuts.” Underlying this broad collection of differences is the implication that “You are special and important just because of being who you are.”

Why We Love This Book: We love that the simple, direct message in this book is made fun by the quirky drawings and examples. By interweaving the serious with the silly, the topic of celebrating diversity is made clear and accessible for young students. Parr’s illustrations depict people and animals of all shapes, sizes, colors, and interests, reinforcing that all people are important and all people are different. We love using many of Parr’s books in our lessons; It’s Okay to Be Different is a natural choice when teaching pre-K and primary-age students to Celebrate Diversity.

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