Listen Buddy
by Helen Lester 

Themes: Listening, Communication, SafetyListen_Buddy.jpg

Grade: pre-K – 3 

Story Synopsis: Buddy the bunny rabbit has a hard time listening to his parents’ instructions, despite his big ears. He tries to do what they ask, but always gets it wrong – for example, he buys fifty potatoes instead of fifteen tomatoes. The consequences of Buddy’s poor listening skills prove far more drastic when he takes a wrong turn on a walk and ends up at the cave of the Scruffy Varmint. Buddy’s mistakes nearly get him eaten by the Scruffy Varmint, and finally teach him the value of listening carefully.

Why We Love This Book: Funny, charming, and delightfully illustrated, this book is an engaging tool for teaching young students the importance of good listening skills. Buddy struggles with listening because his “mind was always wandering.” This provides a great opportunity to reinforce that listening is an active choice for students to make. Despite its silliness, the book shows that listening is important not only for being helpful and respecting parents or teachers, but that listening is also a crucial skill that can help children stay safe.

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