by Kathryn Otoshi 

Themes: S.T.A.R., Diversity, Upstander, Community one.jpg

Grade: pre-K – 8

Story Synopsis: Blue is a quiet color. Red is a hot head and likes to pick on Blue. The other colors witness how Red treats Blue but say and do nothing to help Blue out. Every time Red says something mean and no one speaks up, he grows larger and more powerful. Luckily, One comes and teaches the colors how to stand up for themselves and each other. Together, all of the colors – including Red – learn that “everyone counts!”

Why We Love This Book: One provides an innovative way to engage young readers in hard-to-discuss subjects such as bullying, diversity and standing up for yourself and others by using something as simple as colors and numbers, along with a few clever puns. One teaches the power of being an Upstander by showing that sometimes it just takes one person to stand up to meanness or bullying behavior to see a change. It is powerful to see that in the end, Red – who used bullying behavior – is not excluded by the others but welcomed and invited to stand tall himself.  

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