The Prince Who Wrote A Letter
by Ann Love 

Themes: Listening, Communication, Rumors The_Prince_Who_Wrote_A_Letter.jpg

Grade: 4-8

Story Synopsis: Two kings live peacefully in castles on opposite sides of a valley. Prince Paul returns home from his first day at school and boasts of the letter he wrote in school. His father, the king, excitedly shares the news with his wife, who in turn shares it with her mother. Word quickly spreads through the valley – along with speculation about the content of the letter – eventually bringing the two kingdoms to the brink of war. When Prince Paul reveals what he actually wrote, tensions crumble into laughter, and the people of the valley are left wondering how they had come so close to war.

Why We Love This Book: This is one of our favorite books. Students love the surprise ending, and remember its potent message about the dangers of spreading rumors and making assumptions. The story fits well into lessons on clear communication, rumors, and reflective listening. We use this book to demonstrate the responsibility we all bear as members of a community to stop gossip from spreading, and the power that each person has to prevent misunderstandings from turning into bigger conflicts.  

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