Sometimes I'm Bombaloo
by Rachel Vail
illustrated by Yumi Hero 

Themes: Self ControlSometimes_Im_Bombaloo.jpg

Grade: Pre-K - 3

Story Synopsis: Katie Honors is a happy, caring, helpful young child. She tries hard to be kind and use her self-control. But sometimes, her uncomfortable emotions are overwhelming, and she chooses to act in an unsafe way. When Katie loses control, she becomes Bombaloo: Bombaloo looks and feels scary and does mean, hurtful things. With a little time and laughter, Katie calms down and Bombaloo goes away. Katie then recognizes how Bombaloo’s mean words and actions made the problem worse, and sets out to clean up the mess that she and Bombaloo made.

Why We Love This Book: We love that this book shows a realistic portrayal of what happens when a young girl gives in to her anger and gives away her self-control. Kids can easily relate to the range of emotions that Katie feels, and may be comforted to learn that they are not alone in their struggle to control their actions. Readers are also reassured that, despite Katie’s poor behavior choices, she is supported and loved, and learns to make amends for her hurtful actions. The book’s simple language and colorful illustration – green when Katie is in control, red when she is Bombaloo – make this a perfect complement to our lessons on Self Control.

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