Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
by Patty Lovell
illustrated by David Catrow 

Stand_Tall_Molly_Lou_Melon.jpgThemes: S.T.A.R., Self-Worth, Celebrating Diversity, Bullying 

Grade: pre-K – 5

Story Synopsis: Little Molly Lou is smaller than all the other kids in her class, she has buck teeth and she can't sing a good note. But her grandmother taught her that, if she carries herself with confidence and a smile, others will respect her and laugh with her. All is well until Molly Lou’s family moves to a new house and she begins a new school. Ronald Durkin, a classmate at her new school, challenges everything Molly Lou Melon has learned from her grandmother about standing tall. Can Molly Lou maintain her self-confidence and maybe even win some new friends?

Why We Love This Book: We love this book because it gives everyone the confidence to stand up and be proud of who they are. Molly Lou teaches us to celebrate our differences and believe in ourselves, even when faced with challenging new circumstances. David Catrow’s adorably cartoonish watercolors magnificently bring the action to life, like when Molly stacks pennies ten high on her teeth. Molly Lou Melon is such a likeable, positive, self-assured character; we think you and your students will fall in love with her just as we have.

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