The Way I Feel
by Janan Cain

Themes: Self ControlThe_Way_I_Feel.JPG

Grade: Pre-K – 3

Story Synopsis: This eye-catching book uses each two page spread to define one common emotion. From silly to frustrated, proud to bored, the book highlights everyday feelings and illustrates them with very bold and colorful pictures. Each word’s meaning is expressed in a short poem, in the voice of the child illustrated on the page.

Why We Love This Book: We love how this book, in beautiful illustration and simple rhyme, teaches children what their emotions might look like, sound like and – most importantly – feel like inside their bodies. Each poem describes the situation that brought on the child’s feeling, helping the reader understand where feelings can come from. The connection of the named emotion, the language in the poems, and the physical response shown in the illustration lays a strong foundation for children to begin to understand their own feelings and begin to recognize peaceful ways to express them.

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