Whoever You Are
by Mem Fox

Themes: Diversity, CommunityWhoever_You_Are

Grade: pre-K – 3

Story Synopsis: Travel all over the world with the children in this book to see that people differ in the ways they look, speak, learn, and live. Then discover that, despite these differences, all people experience the same emotions – love and pain, joy and sorrow. The folk-art paintings, along with the cloud-covered man who guides this journey, illustrate how our hearts and our smiles bind us together with people all over the world.

Why We Love This Book: We love how simply and beautifully this book conveys the message that, underneath our external differences, we all have the same range of feelings, and this similarity unites each of us with all of humanity. The expansive refrain reminds students that celebrating diversity extends to everyone, that nobody is left out. Moreover, the text suggests that we can add value to our diversity as we grow older and gain new skills, interests, and experiences. This is a great book to reinforce the idea of Celebrating Diversity with young students. 

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