Peace Through The Arts Showcase

Peaceful Schools is proud to be a cultural partner at H.W. Smith School in the Syracuse City School District. In our Peace Through The Arts program, students in grades 5-8 engage in peace and social skill instruction through project-based arts enrichment.

Our 12-week courses provide students time to experience and practice an art form paired with two specific topics from our Peaceful People skill-based social emotional education program. Our 2014-2015 course offerings include:

"Peaces of Art" - Self-Worth & Self-Control through Visual Arts
"Red Rhythms" - Celebrating Diversity & Community through Music Around the World
"The Art of Play" - Making Good Choices & Resolving Conflict through Theatre & Performance Arts
"Media Makers" - Positive Communication & Upstander Behavior through Media Arts


View samples of our student projects below!
Check back often for updates and new projects...

"Peaces of Art" 
Peaceful Superhero Comic: Students created a comic book depicting a Peaceful Superhero experiencing the consequences of using Self-Control.
Blue - Superhero Comic 1.jpg Blue - Superhero Comic 2.jpg
Updated 4/10/15
"Red Rhythms" 
Hand-Made Instruments: Students studied instruments from around the world, then used readily-available materials to engineer their own musical instruments.

Updated 4/10/15
"The Art of Play" 
Brave Little Kid: Students work-shopped their short play, “The Brave Little Kid,” for all students in grades K-2. The play highlighted the importance of making peaceful choices.
Green - Brave Little Kid 2.jpgGreen - Brave Little Kid 1.jpg Green - Brave Little Kid 3.jpg
Updated 4/10/15
"Media Makers" 
Upstander PSAs and Songs: Students wrote and recorded audio Public Service Announcements and songs about Upstander behavior, sharing how everyone has the power to help.

Updated 4/10/15