Welcome to our New Blog!

Dear Colleagues,

At Peaceful Schools we are fortunate to network with amazing educators and administrators from here at home and across the country.  This year we look forward to bringing you voices from the field to engage in idea sharing, highlight best practices that we see, and share the moments that touch our hearts as educators.

At Peaceful Schools we are embracing the lessons of 2020 and realizing that our mission to give EVERYONE the POWER to be PEACEFUL, matters NOW MORE THAN EVER.  We are living in a moment that provides us an opportunity to forge a new social contract, a moment that allows us to reimagine education and fully integrate a Resilience Forward Framework.  We hope to use this space as a way of changing the narrative from what is wrong with our schools to what are the opportunities our schools provide and how can we grow what we know.  Educators KNOW what student in their communities need and it starts with a foundation of meeting the social, emotional and relational needs of our youth, by providing a welcoming and vibrant school community.  It starts by recognizing that an 8th grader who reads at a 3rd grade level needs to be met academically where his/her ability lives and to stop the cycle of triggering frustration, blame and shame which leads to students seeking to escape the demands they know they can’t meet.  It starts by investing in an asset development approach, which celebrates strengths and acknowledges ability.

Educators KNOW what students need, let’s share how we are doing, how we are showing up for best practices that build resilience, foster belonging, engage the learning through high quality academic instructional practice.  Together we can help each other find the path toward an education system that acknowledges the whole child, a system that supports critical thinking and problem solving, while nurturing the social and emotional skills needed to build meaningful connected communities.

In closing, if you are interested in submitting an article or video for this blog space we invite you to reach out to us at info@peacefulschools.com , share a few sentences about your blog idea and we will work with you to ensure a fit with our platform.   Together we can build a better tomorrow.


Dr. Lura Lunkenheimer.